The evolution of solar, powered by crypto

Helios enables anyone anywhere to profitably fight climate change. Fund high-impact solar projects around the world today!

Make a difference with Defi

42,000 KG

Emissions Averted




Projects Funded


Returns Generated

How it works

We fund profitable solar projects around the world, averting millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions while earning market-leading yield. It's that simple.

  1. 1. Invest USDC

    Deposit USDC into Solar Pools through Helios

  2. 2 Build Solar

    Helios works with world-class solar developers to build high impact projects around the world.

  3. 3. Sell Clean Energy

    Our installations sell clean energy to commercial customers backed by 20-year PPA contracts.

Impact beyond energy

Illuminating hospitals in Guatemala

Women should never have to go through childbirth in the dark. That's why Helios is funding reliable solar for seven hospitals across the country.


We're saving our commercial customers 47% on their energy bill. Less coal, more solar.


The largest auto dealership in India trusts Helios to provide clean energy for dozens of locations.

Our mission

Helios aims to avert 10 million tons of CO2 by 2030. To achieve this ambitious goal, we'll need the full support of the web3 community, united against the existential threat of our changing climate.

Over the last decade, blockchain technology has matured from a theoretical solution to a fully fledged financial ecosystem. It's time to use this technology for a cause worthy of its transformative power. Through Helios, crypto can save the world.

“People feel hopeless in the fight against climate change. Helios provides the power to make a real difference”

William Skinner - CEO

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