Invest Crypto
Fund Solar
Save Our Climate

Stable crypto returns from real world solar projects around the globe.

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Invest in Impact

Directly fund high impact solar projects reducing thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions

Maximum Transparency

Track your money in real time, from placement to production to power generation

Industry Leading Returns

Investing in clean energy generates 15%+ APY, safe from the volatility of crypto markets

Power of Crypto

Borderless digital currency allows Helios to invest where big banks fear to tread.

How It Works


Community Votes

The Helios community votes on which projects are added to Solar Pools based on Impact and Yield


Invest, Profit

Sunvestors provide capital to Solar Pools to fund real world solar projects and profit from the clean energy generated


Monitor Impact & Returns

Monitor the progress of projects, energy produced, carbon offset, and returns in real time with our intuitive dashboard

Our Projects

HeliosDAO works with experienced solar developers around the world to deploy capital into high impact, high return projects.

Rooftop Solar in Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Our solar installation in Pune provides clean energy for a mall-multiplex in addition to providing excess energy to the local grid. This 15 year power purchase agreement will reduce our customer's energy bill by 47% while preventing more than 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. This initial installation serves as a proof of concept, demonstrating our ability to effectively deploy capital, build solar, and generate strong returns for our investors.